True Crime Documentary Series [HD]

In this true crime series, survivors of a crime testify to the devastating effects that one man had on their lives. Using interviews, stylized recreations and archival sources, we meet those who have been victimized, and those who have lost loved ones to murder. Their telling of first-hand stories launches a relentless investigation to find and convict the criminal.

The questions of who committed the crime, how they did it, and why, drive the narrative. Detectives follow a trail of clues to find the identity of the perpetrator, often encountering seemingly impenetrable obstacles. Forensics, old-fashioned investigation and criminal errors combine to track down the criminal.

When the villain at the heart of the story is revealed, the depth and extent of their crimes is shocking. These are some of the worst criminals on file. Their capture and prosecution is frequently far from simple.

As each Very Bad Man is brought to account for his horrendous crimes, the victims go through a cathartic process in which their pain– to some measure – is released.

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